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Ux Research Tentative Process

1. External Kick-off or requirement gathering meeting

2. Understanding requirements and sharing the study objectives for approval

3. Research methodology

a. Type: The type of methodology used (e.g. card sort, ethnography, contextual inquiry, survey, click-test etc…)

b. Number of participants: How many participants

c. Duration: The time it will take

d. Location: Where the study takes place

e. Remote or Physical

4. Participant Profile Creation

a. Participant Criteria List the main characteristics of the people you will recruit. Be sure to know why you’re recruiting this particular set

5. Test Plan

6. Screening participants for the study

7. If remote do technical checks before the study.

8. Questionnaire finalization for study.

9. Data gathering

10. Data analysis

11. Report making &

12. Presentation.

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