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Case 1: Exploratory Research for Internal Travel Booking Platform


  • Client: Internal project

  • Timeframe: Initially, 4 weeks extended for 1 more week

  • My Role: UX Researcher

  • Team: I with one visual designer, a UX designer an,d a business analyst

  • Methods: Generative research, Workshop facilitation, Storyboards, Journey maps, Personas

  • Tools: Figma, Miro, Excel, Survey Monkey, MS Teams


📌About the App

T&E is an internal app all associates use for their travel-related requirements.

In the present form, it is used by associates to raise travel requests, submit their travel receipts and raise relocation requests.

📌Problem Statement

Our organisation's current travel and expense app is facing several challenges that are causing frustration and inefficiency for users. Firstly, the app is experiencing issues updating information, leading to outdated and incorrect data. Secondly, several UX flaws within the app are causing confusion and difficulty for users when trying to navigate and use the system. Finally, the app is built on a legacy system, limiting its functionality and causing performance issues.


  • New information architecture

  • Redesign the app interface

  • Reduce the number of user data entry points

  • Improve the data management

Project Overview


The travel and expense page is an internal tool employees use to manage travel bookings and relocation expenses when travelling abroad for work-related purposes. This page typically allows employees to book flights, reserve hotels, and arrange for transportation, as well as submit and track expenses related to their travel and relocation, such as visa fees, housing costs, and per diems.

  • To reduce user pain points while filling up the Travel related information.

  • To gather key expectations of the existing users of the Travel and Expense app.

  • To update the app and increase efficiency and reduce manual effort.


This was a very important app from a management point of view, and it required a thorough understanding of the whole service design.


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