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Generative Research: Focus Group Discussion

Problem statement:

The present design studio lacks a platform that enables its designers to collaborate, innovate, and interact with each other. Designers often work in silos and lack opportunities to connect with their peers, exchange ideas, and receive feedback. This leads to a lack of innovation, creativity, and professional growth within the design community.


The proposed solution is to develop a design community platform that fosters collaboration, innovation, and interaction among designers in a gamified environment. The platform should enable designers to connect with their peers, share their work, receive feedback, and participate in design challenges and competitions. The gamified environment should incentivize participation and provide a fun and engaging way for designers to showcase their skills and compete with each other. This solution encourages innovation, creativity, and professional growth within the design community, ultimately leading to better design outcomes and a more robust design industry.


Focus group discussion with target groups uncovers user needs and problems that may not be obvious or that users may be unable to articulate themselves. It provides a foundation for design decisions and helps designers create user-centered solutions that meet the target audience's needs.


Discussion Guide containing statements for discussion during the session. Guide was designed in the following way.

  1. Brief about the session and why we all have gathered here.

  2. Verbal consent for recording

  3. Introduction

  4. Ice breaker question

  5. Actual session

  6. Concluding remarks

Sessions Screenshots

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