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Case 02: Dating App Data Gathering Study

Problem Statement

The dating app has an imbalance in its user base, with a disproportionately low number of female users, resulting in a lack of potential matches and low overall traffic. This gender imbalance presents a significant challenge to the app's success and limits the chances of male users finding suitable matches, which may lead to dissatisfaction and reduced engagement. The problem statement aims to address the issue of low female user adoption and engagement, increase the overall user base and improve the user experience for male users.


  1. Conduct a usability analysis to evaluate the app's ease of use and functionality compared to similar apps.

  2. Perform a thorough UX/UI review of the app, focusing on common user tasks such as information access, selection, search, and engagement. Identify any areas that could be improved to enhance the user experience.

  3. Collect feedback from social discovery and dating app users to understand their critical expectations and needs. This information can inform future design and development decisions for the app.



  • A qualitative (usability) study conducted with 22users

  • The users were categorized based on age:

•Youngsters: aged 18 -29years

•Mature: aged 30 -39years

  • All users belonged to NCCS category A or B

  • Screenshots

Analysis & Report Creation

  • Quantitative & qualitative data were gathered using the Survey Monkey tool and remote testing method.

  • Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistical methods. The qualitative data, such as the UX scorecard & user testing interviews, were analyzed using Cluster Analysis.

Executive summary

Quantitative data analysis

Competitive landscape


Moscow Analysis

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