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Case 04: Data Gathering Study for Insurence Website

Problem Statement

The online insurance policy provider is facing challenges in meeting the expectations of its users and delivering an optimal user experience on its website. Specifically, the provider needs to gather critical user expectations, identify and address UX/UI issues, and improve website usability compared to competitors. Without addressing these issues, the provider risks losing customers to competitors and may struggle to retain existing users.


  1. To capture behavioural insights of users while buying insurance.

  2. To gather critical expectations of the users from the online insurance policy provider.

  3. To identify and understand the UX/UI issues in the website while buying a policy online.

  4. To determine the usability of this website in comparison with competitor websites.

  5. To gather and record any other comments or suggestions made by the user.



Executive Summary

MoSCoW Analysis

The Moscow method is a prioritization technique used in management, business analysis, project management, and software development to reach a common understanding with stakeholders on the importance they place on the delivery of each requirement.


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