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Case 05: Usability Study: E-commerce

Problem Statement

The mobile app faces challenges related to user feedback, the rating and review process, and UX/UI issues that impact the overall user experience. Specifically, the app must capture and record user comments and suggestions related to look and feel ergonomics, content, and communication. It also needs to gather critical expectations from existing and new users about the rating and review process to improve the user experience. Additionally, the app must identify and address UX/UI issues related to tasks such as information access, payment, selection, and search to ensure a seamless user experience.


  1. To capture positive findings that the rating and review process should retain.

  2. To gather and record user comments or suggestions related to the look & feel, ergonomics, content & communication.

  3. To gather critical expectations from the app of existing and new users about the rating and review process.

  4. To identify and understand the UX/UI issues in the app while performing tasks like information, payment, selecting or searching.

  5. To gather and record any other comments or suggestions made by users.


User Interviews

Executive Summary


UX metrics


MoSCoW Analysis

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